Windows 9 Tech Preview to get two monthly updates

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The wait for Windows 9 is expected to be over at the end of September at Microsoft's preview event, and some more details about the operating system's Tech Preview have started to emerge.

According to The Verge (via WinBeta), the Windows Technology Preview will receive two updates a month, with users able to upgrade to more recent builds with Threshold. These updates will add to the stability of the operating system and regularly add new features.

Microsoft will reportedly be choosing two builds a month to release to the public. Users can upgrade to the new builds from Windows Update, which streamlines the whole process down to one click.

It has not been confirmed that this will be a part of the public preview, but it seems likely. It is a feature of internal builds of Windows 9 Threshold.

Leaked features such as live interactive tiles and more could thus be pushed back and saved for a later update, and will be able to be installed with this new upgrade method.

Though little about Windows 9 has been confirmed by Microsoft, rumours have suggested the operating system will attempt to rectify some of the missteps made with Windows 8.

The start button is set for a return, for example, and the company is said to be trying out virtual desktops.

The Charms bar is also being scrapped, and the Metro interface is to be integrated into the classic start menu rather than operating as a separate full-screen view.

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