Hilton embraces IoT smart home technology in its hotel rooms

Hilton plans to implement smart home technology into the their hotel rooms in 2018, embracing the technology the internet of things (IoT) yeilds.

The smart technology the hotel will use aims to allow guests to personalise and control parts of their room all from the Hilton Honors app in a move the hotel giant is calling Connected Rooms.

Currently, Hilton's app allows guests to choose their rooms, check in, and unlock their doors. However, by implementing new smart home technology, Hilton wants to expand on these features allowing guests to use the app as a TV remote, a thermostat, and a lightswitch.

The new technology will allow people to turn on the TV, favorite channels, turn on groups of lights, and control the temperature as soon as they check in. The app will also allow guests to save their preferences so they are automatically applied to the room when they check in.

Looking to the future, the company stated that Connected Rooms will support numerous connected devices and allow for guests to access and even upload their own content like artwork and pictures to be displayed in the room.

Its plan is to eventually implement voice controls that could support these devices and experiences as well, making it clear that Hilton plans to continue to embrace new smart technology into their business plan and hotel experiences.

"Innovation has been in Hilton's DNA since entrepreneur Conrad Hilton purchased the first Hilton property and pioneered the hospitality industry nearly 100 years ago. Many innovations later, we are once again setting a new standard for the industry by giving our guests a travel experience where the room knows them, and they know their room," said president and CEO of Hilton, Christopher J. Nassetta

Hilton's Connected Room technology is currently being tested in one hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, although the company plans to get the technology live in more properties there and in Dallas, Texas, before scaling to more hotels across the US in 2018.

Image credit Hilton