The IT Pro Podcast: Inside CES 2022

The IT Pro Podcast: Inside CES 2022

CES is one of the highlights of the tech calendar, kicking off every year with a cavalcade of new products, interesting announcements and innovative startups all vying to get noticed. While the spectre of COVID continued to loom over this year’s proceedings, there was still a veritable buffet of things to see at the show.

This week, we’re joined by PC Pro editor in chief and co-host of the PC Pro Podcast Tim Danton, who was on the ground in Las Vegas for CES 2022. We discuss some of the most interesting tech from the show floor, as well as some of the more significant announcements, and what they say about the future of innovation.


“There's so much interesting new stuff coming out. A lot of it not from the big companies, a lot of it from the smaller companies. I think that's put away any citizen cynicism you may have that things are slowing down. They are not. There are a lot of new ideas coming out. We should listen to them, look to them because the next Zoom, et cetera - that they're gonna be here in the show somewhere.”

“So CES, obviously, the big name companies get all the attention. But an awful lot of the interesting stuff happens in the smaller halls. So there is one called Eureka Park, which you may be familiar with, which is where all the startups go. And that was just as busy as normal. In fact, it may even have been a fraction busier than normal. Because it's where all the interesting things were, these little tiny companies with one idea that they were building up into something that could either be sold on to a bigger company, or they could actually make a go of it themselves.”

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