The IT Pro Podcast: Intel vs AMD

The IT Pro Podcast: Intel vs AMD

Over the last five years, AMD has clawed its way up from being an also-ran in the processor market to a genuine competitor for the crown, making a convincing bid to unseat longtime frontrunner Intel from the top spot. But with both manufacturers in the process of launching new architecture generations, who’s coming out on top?

This week, we’re joined by Laptop Mag editor in chief and co-host of the Noise Cancelling podcast Sherri L Smith to discuss the latest announcements from Intel and AMD, as well as the state of the laptop market and what it all means for the future of hardware innovation.


“At this point in the game, Intel needs some wins. Barbarians are at the gate. Actually, the barbarians have crashed the gate, they are busy looting and pillaging. And walking away with Intel's market share. So they really, really, really need some serious wins. And again, while it would be nice to try to go after Apple, they need to stave off AMD before they start trying to look at Apple.”

“Even though AMD is making these incredible gains, the OEMs have to be a little bit quicker on adoption. So right now, I think Nvidia said they're gonna be in 150 laptops this year, AMD is increasing its portfolio to, I think, 21 systems. So 150, 21, that's a big differential. I think that AMD is definitely poised to win, but they need the support of the OEMs. And I think another year of AMD serving Intel its lunch is going to be the push that OEMs need.”

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