ISG and Cognigy partner on automated conversational AI

Live chat interface on a smartphone

ISG Automation and Cognigy have entered a strategic partnership to help enterprises create personalized customer and employee experiences at scale.

Conversational AI automates communications via intelligent text- or speech-based virtual assistants, allowing customer service representatives (CSRs) to respond to queries more swiftly, thereby reducing overall resolution times.

The ISG-Cognigy partnership aims to bring the same benefits to their clients. Per the new deal, ISG Automation will offer Cognigy.AI technology to its clients as a way of automating customer and employee communications, with Cognigy clients benefiting from ISG Automation's planning, strategy, and implementation capabilities.

"Many enterprises, especially during the pandemic, have discovered the power of conversational AI to lower costs and improve user experiences," said Philipp Heltewig, CEO and co-founder of Cognigy.

"Companies that invested in intelligent automation systems early on are now integrating them with conversational AI platforms. This solves an all-too-common challenge of bridging the gap between corporate systems and customer interactions."

An end-to-end, low-code automation solution, Cognigy.AI helps end-users build, scale, and deploy conversational AI automation for use across multiple channels, including messaging apps, ‌virtual‌ ‌assistants,‌ ‌and‌ ‌chatbots.


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In addition to customer service and IT support, the Cognigy.AI solution is also suited for sales, marketing, and human resource management. Besides English, German, Spanish, and Japanese, the platform supports over 100 other languages and is available both via the cloud and‌ ‌on-premises.

"Conversational AI is high on the automation agenda for many of our clients," commented Chip Wagner, ISG Automation CEO.

"While companies continue to embrace robotic process automation to make their back-office processes more efficient, seamless and integrated, the more visible benefits of automation are often seen through conversational AI as well as other elements of the intelligent automation product continuum. We see great potential in linking the two to deliver fast and frictionless customer experiences at lower cost and with greater efficiency."