MicroSys and Hailo partner on high-performance embedded AI platform

MicroSys' miriac AIP-LX2160A embedded platform

MicroSys and Hailo have entered a strategic alliance to release MicroSys' miriac AIP-LX2160A embedded platform, featuring up to five Hailo-8 artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators.

The new edge server-grade AI solution, equipped with NXP QorIQ Layerscape LX2160A processor, brings high-performance and scalable AI inference capabilities at the edge, benefiting a wide range of Industry 4.0 applications. Up to five parallel Hailo-8 AI accelerators deliver massive processing speeds of up to 130 tera operations per second (TOPS).

The combined solution boasts exceptional AI computing performance against standard neural network (NN) benchmarks, with over 6000 frames per second (FPS) on Resnet-50, over 5000 FPS on Mobilenet-V1 SSD, and close to 1000 FPS on YOLOv5m.

"Our strategic partnership with Hailo is an important milestone, helping our customers reap the enormous benefits of AI and neural networks," said Ina Sophia Schindler, managing director at MicroSys Electronics.

Schindler added, "Hailo's AI processor allows edge devices to run full-scale deep learning applications more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably while significantly lowering costs. In combination with our NXP processor-based platforms, our customers get one of the most powerful AI solutions that can be developed for edge applications."

MicroSys Electronics’ AI starter kit is applied in predictive maintenance, collaborative robotics, distributed surveillance infrastructures, and more. Also included with the AIP-LX2160A embedded platform is a carrier board, cable set, and cooling solution.


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Developers will also be able to access comprehensive AI toolchains offered by MicroSys within Hailo's developer zone.

"We are excited to partner with MicroSys, a world-leader in embedded systems," said Orr Danon, CEO and co-Founder of Hailo.

"This collaboration strengthens our position in the edge computing sector, enabling us to further address the rapidly growing market seeking embedded edge platforms with robust AI capabilities. We look forward to continuing to work with MicroSys to bring unmatched edge processing solutions to a broad range of automotive and industrial automation applications."