Embracing generative AI for elevated customer service

introductory slide from an IBM webinar called Embracing generative AI for elevated customer service
(Image credit: IBM)

Large language models and generative artificial intelligence are increasingly being used to enhance customer service.  Customer service has topped the list of functions CEOs consider a #1 priority for generative AI investment, so the race is on to accelerate the adoption of these technologies.

Most organizations recognize the benefits of AI for customer service, but they are still trying to figure out where and how to use AI. Watch this on-demand webinar from IBM to get insight into how companies are embracing generative AI to take their customer service to the next level. 

Discover how companies are:

  • Using conversational search and personalized recommendations to help customers  find what they want
  • Understanding complex customer queries and accelerating the virtual agent build experience using Watsonx Assistant
  • Navigating the potential risks and concerns that come with enterprise-scale generative AI adoption

Watch now

Provided by  IBM


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