HPE Discover 2024: Can businesses finally turn AI hype into results?

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The generative AI gold rush continues apace in enterprise IT. From chatbots to AI training services, every provider is looking for that killer use case that makes it indispensable for AI.

At HPE Discover 2024, the story has been no different. In collaboration with Nvidia, the company believes it has something unique to offer its enterprise customers.

In this episode, recorded live at HPE Discover 2024 in Las Vegas, Jane speaks to Mohan Rajagopalan, general manager for Ezmeral Software at HPE, to explore the benefits of enterprise AI and the specific routes he sees for beneficial AI adoption.


“Specifically, when I take a step back and if I think about four to five business functions that can be transformed by AI, the first that come to mind are really customer success, customer support, there is sales and sales enablement, there is network and IT operations management, there is service optimization, and there's in general marketing and targeting.”

“When I think about generative AI, I don't think the technology itself is going to be adopted evenly across the entire customer base. So the larger the company, the more sophisticated the in-house IP shop and development teams, more sophisticated the use cases. However, if you look at the two use cases I mentioned before, like better personalization for improved customer support, I think it's applicable even to small businesses.

“Today, we are at a point where we're collecting more data that then we can humanly process, right? Almost every device you have, almost every interaction you have, digital or not, is being tracked through some medium. And the amount of data we're collecting is really not being used. I think AI basically opens up the possibilities for us to meaningfully process this data and effectively transform the way human beings experience work.”



Rory Bathgate
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