Scale AI workloads: An open data lakehouse approach

A CGI image of cubes rippling at slightly varying heights, each marked with a '1', a '0', or the image of an orange padlock to represent data security. It is lit in blue and purple light.
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Sir Francis Bacon proclaimed "knowledge itself is power" in his 1597 work Meditationes Sacrae. Governments through the ages have shown that the backbone of reputation and influence is collecting and sharing knowledge.

This tradition still lives today, with businesses using data to gain insights and get a pulse of how their organization is functioning. Discover how can help your organization successfully scale analytics and AI workloads for all your data.

You will hear advice from industry experts on the benefit of an open lakehouse approach and see live in action. Find out how an open lakehouse approach enables organizations to store data on low-cost object storage while ensuring data is open, available, and governed for various business needs 

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