Mozilla unveils Firefox 66 update with a suite of tweaks

Firefox 66

Mozilla has introduced the Firefox 66 update, which the company hopes will make its user experience better than rivals like Chrome, Edge and Safari.

One of the updates headline features is blocking autoplay content, so if you're using a website that starts videos off without your permission (such as video adverts), they will be blocked from playing. You can of course just tap on the play button if you do want to watch the video, but it will stop loud videos echoing round the office for those that have their speakers turned up.

For websites that don't automatically switch the sound on when the video starts playing, such as on Facebook, the video will still play, just without the sound.

For other websites that have been built specifically to play content and where you want videos to autoplay, you can allow them to do this in your Firefox permissions.

Page jumps is another feature dealt with within the Firefox 66 update. If you find it frustrating when the page jumps as an advert loads from the above the content, the latest update will block this jump. So although the advert will still show, the browser window will remember where you were in the image, making sure your user experience isn't negatively affected.

Search has also been revamped in the latest release of Firefox 66.

If you use Firefox on multiple devices using a Firefox Sync, or even if you're only using it on one device, but have multiple tabs open, you can search across all using the tab overflow menu, which automatically appears when you have lots of tabs open. If you click on the down arrow, you can choose to search across multiple tabs and devices from one place, rather than using the % parameter in the Awesome Bar.

Another search-focused enhancement is search while in Private Browsing mode. If you opt to hide your search history by using Private Mode, you can use your preferred search engine, including private search engines such as DuckDuckGo.

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