Windows 10 "Spartan" web browser details emerge

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Windows 10 will sport a new browser, codenamed Spartan, that will reportedly be radically different from Internet Explorer (IE) and bring new support and features.

A new leak (via BGR) and screen shot suggests Spartan will be markedly different from previous version of IE, and will support extensions like Google Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox browsers. The screenshot, which may or may not be legitimate, also reveals a sleeker, simpler look.

The company has reportedly had people working on getting the new browser together since September last year, with the latest design completed in December.

Interestingly, Spartan could support Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, across desktop, mobile and tablet versions of the new operating system. It is also being said that the new IE-alternative may be able to support multiple browsers from within it.

The Verge reports Spartan will allow tabs to be grouped and make it easier to separate personal ones from work.

Although Spartan will be a legitimate alternative provided by Microsoft, it will not directly replace or exclude people from using IE on Windows 10 due to the potential compatibility issues killing off the web browser would throw up.

Microsoft may use its 21 January Windows 10 event to officially unveil Spartan, which will hopefully bring some users back who have previously jumped ship to rival offerings, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Caroline Preece

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