Week in Review: VMware goes free

VMware sets its hypervisor free

Just after replacing founder and chief exec Diane Green with Paul Maritz, the leading virtualisation firm VMware has decided to give away its hypervisor product ESXi for free. Surely that has nothing to do with Microsoft recently entering the market with its own hypervisor

Analyst warns businesses off iPhone 3G

With push email and other business-friendly features, many said this latest version of Apple's beloved handset would be the one to take on BlackBerry in the corporate smartphone market. But Enderle Group has said corporate IT departments should wait a few weeks until bugs are discovered and sorted before supporting the device.

Brocade buys Foundry for billions to compete with Cisco

Brocade has dropped some 1.5 billion on data equipment maker Foundry to try to take on Cisco. The move came as a surprise to some analysts who expected Foundry to be the one doing the buying.

Survey claims open source is business security risk

A survey by Fortify has suggested open source developers don't follow strict enough business-level control standards, leaving firms which use such tech vulnerable to security issues. Fortify called on execs to be cautious when using open source software in their firms.

Oyster card free travel' hack to be released

A court ruling means a researcher's hack job on the Oyster travel card used on London transport can be released. Whether this means we can all clone free cards is yet to be determined but security experts suggested the hack could hit any card using a similar chip system. The system had more tech troubles on Friday, as a server fault took it down... again.