Revealed: what IT pros want from work

It's not just about cash IT pros want interesting work which challenges them, according to a new survey.

The culture of a workplace is a major deal breaker for professional IT workers, according to a poll of 5,000 IT workers by Computer People.

Some nine out of ten said they want a job which was interesting and challenged them, while three-quarters said they liked being friendly with their colleagues.

Having the right tools to do their work properly was key to 79 per cent, while 75 per cent said they wanted a job which offered career development.

And despite economic woes hitting employment demand for the sector, just 62 per cent said job security was important.

Nick Dettmar, managing director of Computer People, said: "The research underlines the need for businesses of all sizes to understand the importance that workers place in the culture of the company. Though salary still remains important especially in today's economy - other factors also come into play, from a company's green credentials through to the resources it provides its staff."