IT PRO at the Intel Developer Forum

Intel Developer Forum

Intel's Developer Forum is one of the key IT industry events, taking place in San Francisco this week and following on from an event in China earlier in the year.

Expect to see new products and technologies announced, new partnerships between hardware and software makers, concept technologies previewed and major global issues such as environmental IT, technology in education and low-cost computing debated by industry leaders.

Below is all our coverage from the event, regularly updated throughout each day of the show:


IDF 2008: On show at IDF

IDF 2008: Intel shows robots that can clear cups and lift apples

IDF 2008: Intel's rise of the machines

IDF 2008: Apple co-founder keeps it real

IDF 2008: Intel adds touch screen to Classmate

IDF 2008: Fact sheet: Intel's Nehalem architecture

IDF 2008: Fact sheet: Intel firms flash drive plans

IDF 2008: BP looks to MIDs for productivity boost

IDF 2008: Moorestown: Atom's successor by 2010

IDF 2008: Best of net is yet to come

IDF 2008: Intel pushes both high and low end mobile chips

IDF 2008: Intel claims new chip design saves power

IDF 2008: Boffins discuss 21st century tech

IDF 2008: Intel launches innovation challenge

IDF 2008: Education starts at home, urges Intel chairman

IDF 2008:Boffins showcase technology arsenal to fight cancer


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