Intel claims record-breaking Xeon performance


Intel has claimed a new record in server performance levels with its new Xeon 7400 series following benchmark testing with a new IBM server.

As a press event for the new 6-core architecture in Prague, Intel stated that an 8-socket IBM x3950 M2 server, had hit 1.2 million transaction per minute in a tpmC benchmark.

"This takes the whole platform to a whole new level, delivering RISC levels of performance in a x86 box," said Boyd Davis, general manger for Intel's server division.

"We recognise that the best way to find the best solution for companies is to run their own workloads, but not all are able to do that. This is an awesome piece of technology and our customers are excited about it," he enthused.

Rik White of IBM's server division said the IBM x3950 enabled customers to easily go from a four-socket to an eight-socket server simply by attaching them together via a cable. "We've taken some of the technology from our power and mainframe architectures and scaled it down to create a 'pay-as-you-grow' system."

"Customers like the tpmC benchmark, as it provides a clear cost per dollar comparison," said Alan Priestley, strategic marketing manager at Intel, told IT PRO. "It's audited, accepted by the industry and a good starting point for comparing architectures.

"Only three years ago it took 64-socket RISC systems to achieve this level of performance," he said, referring to the tpmC record. "And now it's available at a fraction of the cost in an industry standard platform. It's a big boundary for Intel."


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