BT announces cheaper Wi-Fi tariffs

BT has announced new lower-priced monthly plans for Wi-Fi access, which it says offers savings of up to 50 per cent from previously.

BT Openzone is offering three new tariffs. BT Original provides 500 minutes access to BT Openzone, BT FON, and BT Business Total Broadband hotspots for 5 per month. BT Openzone Together gives unlimited access to these hotspots plus 500 roaming minutes for 12.50 per month.

BT Openzone Global, which BT said is ideal for frequent global travellers, will provide unlimited access to the same hotspots as well as 500 UK and 500 international minutes for 28 per month. BT also said it is cutting the BT Openzone per Minute Tariff by 25 per cent to 15p per minute.

BT Openzone Together has a minimum 18-month contract while the other tariffs have a 12-month contract.

More than 2,500 extra European hotspots have also been added thanks to Swisscom, which provides access to hotel rooms in chains like HNH Hoteles and Hilton.

BT said that the choice of places internationally to connect has risen to more than 50,000.

"The wireless broadband access market is at an exciting stage," said Chris Bruce, general manager at BT Openzone. "Over the last six months we have seen double the use compared with the same period last year, but with huge demand at hotels, major travel hubs, high street locations and residential and business areas."