Photos: Nokia releases seven phones for emerging markets

Nokia is targeting emerging markets with seven new phones as well as a range of internet services.

The handsets range in price from 25 to 90 euros. One is the cheapest Nokia has on offer, and another is the first emerging market with an integrated music player. They will start shipping this year, Nokia said.

The phones include the 7100 Supernova, which features a camera, and the 5130 XpressMusic, which is Nokia's cheapest music player handset. Also on offer are the Nokia 2320 classic, the 2323 classic, and 2330 classic.

Last and least, when it comes to cost are the Nokia 1661, at 30 euros, and the Nokia 1202, which is the handset makers' cheapest mobile to date at 25 euros.

For photos and more details on the handsets, click here.

The internet services will offer email, education and agriculture tools.

The Mail on Ovi service which is used on series 40 devices lets users create an email account without ever touching a computer, Nokia said. It will be trialled this month, with a global rollout on Series 40 phones by the end of the year.

The Nokia Life Tools services will offer icon-based information to students and farmers based on SMS, so it can be accessed even when there is no GPRS coverage. It will be available in the first half of 2009 on two phones in India, and expand to Asia and Africa in 2009.

Robert Andersson, executive vice president of devices at Nokia, said: "The mobile device and the internet are a powerful combination in connecting people with each other, accessing information, news, entertainment and sharing. By introducing products and services that are affordable, relevant and easy-to-use, we believe Nokia can fuel the growth of the Internet in emerging markets through mobility."