Five ways to improve your broadband connection

Broadband for consumers and businesses has become so mainstream and widespread that disconnection from the internet can now be as stressful as loss of water supply or heating would be.

As well as at businesses, many people are working from home so any problems with connectivity can turn out to be very costly for all those involved. It is also true that many users are not getting what they are paying for due to ISP misinformation., a broadband price comparison site accredited by Ofcom, gathered the top five issues that users had with broadband, together with simple solutions that could solve the problem.

Slow broadband speeds

Consumers and businesses rarely get the broadband speed they pay for as providers usually don't deliver what is advertised. There are many issues which could be responsible, but free speed testers can be downloaded and complaints made to ISPs if the connection is much slower than users are paying for. Broadband speeds can also be boosted by wireless router signal boosters, replacement of router antenna or adding a wireless repeater.

Restriction on download limits

Unlimited' download/ usage limits are rarely the case, as a fair usage policy' is usually in force. Ofcom only encourages' ISP to provide information on usage limits, with only Be and O2 offering true unlimited broadband with no download limits.

MAC Codes

When switching ISPs, a consumer's old provider may delay sending the MAC (Migration Authorisation Code). Ofcom has made it compulsory for previous providers to supply customers within five working days.

Tag on the line

Ofcom has published information on its website detailing what you need to do if you have a tag/marker on the line, which makes it difficult for customers to get back online, especially if they have moved.

Broadband without a landline/ line rental

Broadband ASDL usually requires connection fees and line rental. Cable users won't need a landline and some providers which use LLC (Local Loop Unbundling) offer inclusive line rental. Otherwise the only option is mobile broadband.

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