Britons won't cut back broadband

Britons would rather have scurvy than lose their broadband well, more would rank their internet connection as a must-have over fresh fruit and vegetables, according to a survey by BT.

Faced with a worsening economy, Britons will need to cut back on their spending, but there are some things they're not willing to give up. Some 57 per cent said they couldn't live without their broadband, while 43 per cent said they couldn't live without fresh fruit and veg.

Another 37 per cent said they could never give up their mobile phone. See below for the full list.

The poll fof 1,600 adults by BT also showed that 29 per cent of people are very worried about the economy slumping into a recession, and 71 per cent said they're already cutting back on spending.

BT's list of what the UK refuses to lose':

1) Broadband (57 per cent)

2) Fresh fruit and veg (43 per cent)

3) Mobile phone (37 per cent)

4) Home phone (27 per cent)

5) Chocolate (25 per cent)

6) TV subscription (22 per cent)

7) Alcohol (17 per cent)

8) New clothes (13 per cent)

9) Newspapers and magazines (11 per cent)

10) Having your hair done (11 per cent)

11) Shoes (11 per cent)

12) Eating out (11 per cent)

13) Make-up and beauty treatments (nine per cent)

14) Sports channel package (six per cent)

15) Other (one per cent)