Week in Numbers: Silent discos and data breaches

This week in IT we are giving congratulations to Microsoft, hoping the dancers at Liverpool Station didn't get any blisters, and look forward to attending next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

376 the number of data breaches in the public and private sector at the end of last month, up from 277 in the quarter ending in October of 2008.

13,000 how many people who turned up last Friday at Liverpool Station to take part in a silent disco, which was organised via Facebook to imitate a T-Mobile ad filmed there last month. The station had to close due to over-crowding until everyone could be cleared.

$7 billion the amount Intel plans to spend this over the next two years in the company's largest investment programme ever.

10,000 the milestone number of patents Microsoft had been awarded. This one patent covers intellectual property that allows users to put things on a surface that can be identified and associated with some data, such as location or other media.

4 billion the number of mobile connections worldwide, according to the GSMA, which has predicted that we will hit six billion connections by 2013. GSMA's annual Mobile World Congress event begins next week in Barcelona IT PRO will be in attendance, delivering the latest news to you.