MWC 09: Samsung confirms three Android launches

Samsung has jumped on the Google Android bandwagon, and will start selling three Android-based smartphones by the end of this year.

This week's Mobile World Congress was expected to produce a slew of new Android smartphones, but so far the devices have appeared at a trickle with Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 being left to steal the show.

However, Samsung has announced it has grand plans for the operating system. Though no product details were given, the company's head of product strategy Won-Pyo Hong confirmed the three phones would be on sale in the US and Europe by the end of the year, though he was unsure which market would get them first.

Hong also announced that Samsung would "definitely" unveil a phone using LiMo's Linux software this year.

LiMo has had little success spreading its open-source operating system to major manufacturers, but this year has seen LG, Panasonic and Samsung all promise LiMo-based phones for 2009. Samsung, for example, is showing a LiMo version of its Omnia smartphone at the MWC.

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