Need to Know: Firefox 3.5

Daily Motion

Other new bits include an In-Private' mode just hit Ctrl-shift-P' to stop Firefox from remembering your browsing session perfect for searching for that new job or - ahem' other activities. You can also tell 3.5 to forget a site you've been to after the fact, just by finding and deleting in the history.

Tear it Up

We also like being able to tear off your tab and drag it out to make a new windows (nicked from Chrome) and Location Aware Browsing', so if you're searching for information you don't need to tell it anything it knows where you are. Yes, you can turn it off, you paranoid people.

Downloadable fonts can help make web site start to look the way the director intended'. This means you don't need to have a font already on your system for the web page to use it, negating the need for designers to user static images, which makes for a more editable and searchable internet.

Finally, the session restore' has been improved, so in the event of a unexpected shut-down or crash, everything is remembered, which could be great if you're composing an email in the browser.

Sounds awesome! When can I get it?

Now. Firefox 3.5 is available for download.

Look out for our full review of the full version on the site later this week.

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