Google irons out Apps Sync bug

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Google has fixed a bug in its Outlook linking tool, Apps Sync.

Released last month, the plug-in for Microsoft Outlook syncs Outlook with Apps. Google is likely hoping the tool will encourage businesses to use its own enterprise software.

However, initial bugs within Google Apps Sync, according to a Microsoft blog post, disabled the ability of Outlook to search the Outlook data. Additionally, because Outlook search relies on the indexing performed by Windows Desktop Search, Outlook search functions were broken, leading to problems for Apps.

This week, Google announced that is has been working closely with Microsoft to remedy these problems.

"The Windows Desktop Search feature now works, so you can choose between the native Outlook search, which has been available since launch, and Windows Desktop Search to find information in Outlook," said Chris Vander Mey, Senior Product Manager for Google Apps, in a recent blog post.

Adding further weight to claims that Google is attempting to take a chunk out of Microsoft's market shae is its website that advises businesses on how to make the switch from Exchange to Apps, promising reduced costs, greater efficiency, and better email solutions.