Week in Review: The battle for Gary McKinnon

Is the end finally in sight for confessed hacker Gary McKinnon's long fight to avoid extradition to the US?

This week, his case suffered another blow as a Conservative call for a government review on his case was defeated in the House of Commons.

It has been a long road for the Asperger's afflicted hacker, who has been fighting attempts to extradite him to the US over hacking into NASA and Pentagon systems.

Click here for our timeline of the case, and more on the latest events and Tory involvement.

Microsoft announcements

It was an eventful week if you were a fan of all things Microsoft. The biggest announcement coming from the Worldwide Partner Conference was the technical preview of Office 2010, and we have a a quick off the mark First Look review.

The hype for Windows 7 is only getting bigger as we get closer to its October release date, as we reveal that demand had already crashed the Microsoft store.

After a report suggesting it could save the economy, maybe the rush is no surprise. Pre-orders aside, business will get it a month early, but that's if they even [a href="https://www.itpro.com/612643/businesses-to-skip-windows-7-to-save-money" target="_blank"]bother to buy it?[/a]

If that wasn't enough it was announced that Microsoft Azure, its cloud computing solution, would be available by the end of the year. We have a Need to Know for that, as well as Silverlight 3 which was released last week. The company also said it will also [a href="https://www.itpro.com/612664/microsoft-dynamics-to-integrate-twitter" target="_blank"]integrate Twitter[/a] into its CRM solution.

But it wasn't all good news this week for Microsoft. Although the company did release its Patch Tuesday fixes, Microsoft Office users were left open to an attack a day before as a flaw was detected in its Web Components - which hackers have already targeted.