Week in Numbers: McKinnon case rolls on


This week in the world of IT, we saw developments in the McKinnon case, scrutiny for the government's E-Crime Unit - and more.

22 - The total number of people arrested through investigations initiated by the government's Serious Organised Crime Agency's (SOCA) E-Crime Unit - although, they do a lot more than just make arrests, according to the Home Secretary.

30 - The number of security patches released by Oracle this week as part of its quarterly update.

70 - The potential number of years UK hacker Gary McKinnon is rumoured to face in prison if extradited to the US.

100 - Alcatel-Lucent announced this week that it will be releasing new cards next year that will increase the speed of its 10Gb routers and switches to a whooping 100Gb.

99 million - The value of the contract acquired this week by BT to provide support to military communications.

243 million - Sony Ericsson posted losses of 243 million this week, a 43 per cent drop in handset shipments.