Bing gains one per cent, but still trails Google


Microsoft's Bing has picked up another percentage point in the search engine war, but even with Yahoo's share, the pair are still far behind Google.

Bing gained one per cent from June to July, taking it to 9.41 per cent of the American market, according to StatCounter. Yahoo slipped a 10th of a point to 10.95 per cent.

Last week, Yahoo and Microsoft finally cut a deal on search, which will see the two join forces to take on Google. Even with their shares combined, the pair have just a fifth of the market, compared to Google's 77.54 per cent.

That may sound bad, but the gap is even wider worldwide. Combined, Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing saw just 8.77 per cent of the global search pie, with Google slipping half a per cent to 89.23 per cent.

"Bing continues to make slow but steady progress but the combined Yahoo figures suggests that the deal announced last week will have to demonstrate major future synergies if it is to make any dent in Google's dominance," said Aodhan Cullen, chief executive of StatCounter, in a statement.

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