BT gives broadband boosting I-Plate away for free

network cable

BT is offering its broadband boosting I-Plate device to its own customers for free after doling them out to wholesale ISP customers.

The small device, now renamed the Broadband Accelerator, is fitted to a phone line socket to cut interference, thereby boosting speeds. Click here for a photo of the I-Plate.

BT tested the box on 36,000 lines, finding it improves broadband speeds by an average of 1.5Mbps.

The Accelerator is being offered at no cost to BT Total Broadband customers, save for a shipping fee of 1.20. Non-BT customers wanting a broadband can buy one for 7 online.

The device won't work with all sockets, just the BT NTE 5 master socket, which is in seven out of 10 homes, according to BT. You can check on BT's site if it will work for you.