Week in Review: iPhone comes to Orange and Vodafone

Week in Review

It was always going to happen eventually, but on Monday it was revealed that O2 would finally have to relinquish its vice like grip on the iPhone, with the news that Orange would be selling the phone in time for Christmas. No sooner had the news hit, when Vodafone announced that it too would be spreading the Apple love to its customers,though only from early 2010.

The news broke on the same day that Apple celebrated the two millionth download on the Apple store.

Talking of milestones, 28 September also marked the 11th birthday of Google, which in case you're wondering is a popular search engine company.

Dell attracted attention for unveiling a super-thin business laptop called the Latitude Z aimed at those that want to make an impression, or in other words, wealthy shows-offs. We want one, but we're only one of those two things so probably will have to miss out.

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer courted attention this week firstly for having to take a pay cut as the recession hit Microsoft's sales, and for taking a swipe at Google Chrome's market share figures as being just a "rounding error".

And all hail the power of Digital Britain, which managed to achieve a mighty 25th place in a global broadband study behind other wannabe global powers such as Lithuania, Bulgaria and Latvia. Not so good news then that according to this analyst report we're lagging behind in preparing for security threats for when we do get our digital house in order. At least O2 is starting to trial LTE , a 4G mobile networks contender in the UK.

And you can't hide behind the anonymity of Twitter, should you have thought it gave you any, as a UK court has served up a writ by tweeting' it to someone who was impersonating someone else. So be careful out there.

Benny Har-Even

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