Eastern Europe leading Windows 7 adoption


Eastern Europe is leading adoption of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7.

Market share for Windows 7 has been tracking between 0.5 per cent and about 1.5 per cent globally since the code was officially shipped to businesses, manufacturers and subscribers earlier this summer, according to statistics from Net Applications.

Over the past few days ahead of the Windows 7 launch, it has climbed to peaks of just over two per cent overall.

But some countries are already showing more love for Windows 7 than others.

"Upon analysis of global Windows 7 usage share, we noticed a distinct pattern," Net Applications said. "Russia and many Eastern European countries already have significant share of Windows 7 usage. We are sure these are all properly licensed users."

Slovenia reports a 6.9 per cent adoption rate, followed by Lithuania at 6.3 per cent. Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Romania are all over 5.6 per cent.

Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria and even Denmark are all between four and five per cent.

Just 1.43 per cent of UK users are on Windows 7 so far, while Germany and France are both over two per cent.

Much of Western Europe has between 1.5 and 3.5 per cent, according to a chart from Net Applications.

Windows 7 map

The top country for Windows 7 is actually the Maldives at 7.12 per cent, but Net Applications admits an error of 2.3 per cent either way.

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