Week in Review: Danish cops love Apple

Week in review

Copenhagen cops are Apple fan boys

Important things were happening in Copenhagen this week, with the UN climate change conference kicking off. But the news wasn't all about green IT.

It seems the Danish police force have opted to use a bespoke Apple system to run its operations centre, rather than rely on Windows-based, out-of-the-box systems.

Not only has it let the force run things more quickly, but it hasn't cost any more, either.

Intel ditches Larrabee

Intel made a surprise move this week, announcing it would ditch its new graphics system Larrabee, which it demoed at IDF earlier this year.

An Intel spokesman said the system's performance was trailing behind competitors, but the work will be rolled into a software development platform.

Government unveils pre-budget report

The government has released its pre-budget report, which includes cuts to the NHS IT upgrade programme.

It will also ask for the introduction of a 50 pence broadband tax, to help fund the Digital Britain goal of 2Mbps connections across the country.

Best of the rest

Amazon stressed it wouldn't be setting up high street shops, as Nokia has been forced to shut a few down.

HTC's smartphone lineup for 2010 was leaked, Google unveiled Chrome for Macs and Linux, while Microsoft started work on Office 15. The iPhone will arrive at Tesco from next week.

And Liverpool City Council picked a fight with the Home Office, voting in favour of a motion against ID cards and pledging to do nothing to promote the identity scheme.