Head to head: iPhone on O2 vs Vodafone

Oddly, we noted that Vodafone has the cheek to state that you get unlimited Wi-Fi' at home, as if it has something to do with you using your own home or office Wi-Fi connection.

The other extra you have to pay for its tethering' where you can use your iPhone as a modem to get your laptop online. While this is free on other devices, all networks charge extra if you use an iPhone. O2 was forced to drop its prices in response to the arrival of Orange, and charges 10 for 3GB a month and 30 a month for 10GB.

By comparison Vodafone has slightly more flexibility, charging 5 for 500MB, 10 for 1.5GB, and 15 for 3GB. So it's more expensive like-for-like, but if your tethered use is low, it's cheaper.


The power of the Apple brand is such that no network in the UK is able to place its own logo on the phone or mess with the interface, so whether you choose to get a black or white iPhone, they'll be identical on all networks.

Benny Har-Even

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