Tim Berners-Lee unveils government data site


Sir Tim Berners-Lee's call last year for "raw data now" has been partially answered as he launches a new government data site.

The data.gov.uk site looks to give the public more access to the government's data - a move the web inventor called for in a TED speech last year.

So far, the beta site holds 2,879 data sets, from the number of abandoned vehicles to stats about young people playing sports. The site also has a collection of 10 applications and mashups created by the public using the data, including a pothole reporting app, housing price maps and one dubbed "Where Can I Live" that shows how much time and money a commute will cost.

"It's such an untapped resource," Berners-Lee told the BBC. "Government data is something we have already spent the money on... and when it is sitting there on a disk in somebody's office it is wasted."