Live blogging Apple's iPad announcement

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Apple has today unveiled the iPad - its new tablet computer.

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19:33: Says it's the intersection of fun and power, with the internet in your hands.

19:32: Now they're pushing how many customers are already ready for this - all those people with iPods and iPhones already know how to use it and have the apps to go with it. Jobs says it's Apple's most "advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price".

19:24: So they're showing a video now - any thoughts? Drop us a line in the comments below or at Will you buy one of these - even at $499? What do you think of iBooks? Is it just a big iPhone?

19:21: And don't forget the accessories. There's a keyboard dock, for a full sized, proper keyboard - can be used in portrait mode, too, so you could use it at your desk.

19:20: Shipping in 60 days. 30 days more for 3G, so 90 days for those.

19:19: Six models. $499 for 16GB, add 3G and it will be $629. For the 32GB, it will be $599; add 3G and it'll be $729. For 64GB, it will cost $699; add 3G, it will cost $849.

19:18: Now for the pricing. "Aggressive price" because they want to "put it in the hands of lots of people." Starts at $499. Now that got applause. Half the price of expected, for the 16GB at least.

19:16: International deals in place by June or July. All iPad 3Gs are unlocked, so you can pop one of the new microSIMs in...

19:15: Plans will be activated right on the iPad, cancelled whenever you want - no contracts.

19:14: US data plans... 250MB of data a month, for $14.99. The unlimited plan will be $29.99/month. AT&T will provide the service. There will also be free use of AT&T WiFi hotspots.

19:13: Oh, it will have 3G as well as WiFi. And it connects via USB too, of course.

19:11: iWork - Keynote, Pages, and Numbers - to be available from $9.99. Take that, Microsoft.

19:08: You can use it with Numbers too. Has Apple found a way to make spreadsheets fun?

19:05: With Pages, you can scroll through text and use the pop up keyboard. Flipping the iPad horizontal flips the keyboard so it's wider - like an iPhone, but oh so much easier to type on.

19:00: Now iWork. So it's not just a consumer device, ask your CTO for one today! Has fresh user interface, new version of Keynote.

18:56: Uses ePub e-book format, so it's open, in theory. Hope that holds true.

18:55: iBooks is basically iTunes for books. Download from the store right onto your own virtual iPad shelf, and tap it to open the e-book.

18:53: Now they're onto books with Amazon. Sorry Kindle, it's over. There's now an iBook store to buy and download e-books, complete with virtual shelf. But will there be DRM?

18:51: Showed off EA's Need for Speed driving game, and now showing how watching sports would look, with Major League Baseball demo. Can watch with your choice of announcers, home or away. Now that's cool.

18:42: New York Times developing separate app for iPad, even though it already has an iPhone app. Watch videos while you're reading the paper. Pretty slick looking - but will they charge for access, if they're charging for access online?

18:34: Software Developers Kit (SDK) for apps has been updated for iPad. It's available today.

18:32: Now for software. The iPad can run all iPhone apps. "We built the iPad to run virtually all of these apps out of the box right away." But, they can also run them full screen - good for gaming.

18:31: Sounds like Apple finally figured out battery life. Promising 10 hours. "I can take a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo and watch video the whole time. And it has over a month of standby time."

18:28: That's the overview of the iPad, apparently. Now for hardware. Half an inch thin, ways one and a half pounds. And it's got an 9.7-inch IPS display. Capacitative touchscreen. 1GHz Apple A4 chip. Comes in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage. Bluetooth 2.1, 802.11n Wi-Fi.

18:25: It plays videos too. Google people like the film Up, go figure.

18:24: Showing off maps, photos, music - all the things you can do in iPhone, yet getting lots of applause. Guess bigger is better.

18:19: Has touchscreen keyboard that pops up for typing. Being described as "gorgeous." Stretches wide across the length of the screen, looks pretty easy to type on.

18:17: Showing off browsing in Safari. Looks pretty slick, especially looking at email.

18:14: Jobs: "so much more intimate than a laptop"

18:14: It'll have iTunes built in, easy to watch TV and YouTube on, even in high-def.

18:13: Ooh, a calendar. And an address book. Being described by others as a big iPhone... so that rumour wasn't far off.

18:12: Chen: "It's holding the internet in the palm of your hands."

18:10: And it'll be called the iPad.

18:08: "So let's get to the main event." Now he's talking about tablets... but not the one we want to see yet.

18:05: Steve Jobs is on stage - talking about how many apps and iPods they've sold. Saying Apple is bigger than its competitors, says it's magical device - that's what he called it - will be unveiled later.