Apple's rivals: The tablet PCs already on the market

This line of convertible laptops from Toshiba starts at 949, so like most of these devices, it's a high-end piece of business kit.

For that, you get a DVD-R drive - not common on these multi-function devices - as well as a 12.1in touch screen display. It weighs in at 2kg, depending on the sorts of upgrades you add to it. It includes some wizzy features like handwriting recognition for security, too.

Toshiba tablet

Samsung NP-Q1U

Part of the "style-conscious" Q-Series, this little handheld is a different sort of tablet to most on this list. With a seven inch screen, it's more of a handheld in many ways.

Samsung Tablet

Panasonic ToughBooks

Panasonic makes a wide range of ruggedised tablets for different industry uses. Aside from its lineup of business PCs, there's also the Mobile Clinical Assistant.

Designed for hospitals, the MCA has a 10.4in dual-touch screen and carry handle, so doctors and nurses can bring it around with them on shift.

There's also the ToughBook CF-U1 ultra-mobile PC, which has a 5.6in touch screen above a full QWERTY keyboard.

Panasonic tablet

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