Week in Review: Read my mind, CeBIT

Week in Review

CeBIT 2010

Another March, another CeBIT in Hannover. The grey German city again played host to the tech faithful, with two dozen halls of firms displaying their wares.

All the news from our days wandering the behemoth show can be found here, but be sure to check out the computer than can read minds, Intel's 64-core PC, and our interview with Second Life's Mark Kingdon.

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Microsoft's browser ballot

This week, the browser ballot started showing up on Windows computers around Europe.

While you'd think that would please the Microsoft haters, one expert questioned just how random the ballot is, while the Redmond giant was accused of favouring IE clones.

One browser maker was happy though. Opera reported that its browser has seen tripled the downloads since the ballot began.

The best of the rest...

In other IT news this week, the House of Lords was applauded for dropping a controversial clause in the Digital Economy Bill, only to again anger people by introducing a new clause that could see websites blocked for hosting illegal content. So long, YouTube.

Microsoft unveiled its very first Android app, Spanish police arrested botnet ringleaders, and the Apple iPad will arrive on 3 April... in the US. In the UK, it'll be the end of the month, or something. Apple's not really sure yet.