Top 10 iPad apps for business review

Keynote (Price TBC)

The third application in Apple's iWork suite is Keynote. It's the equivalent of PowerPoint although, like the full Mac version, it allows you to create much more attractive presentations with a wider range of transitions and effects.

You can choose one of the quirky templates or opt to create a blank presentation.

It may take you a little more time to get around Keynote if you're a seasoned PowerPoint user, but it's a handy app to have on your iPad if you do create a lot of presentations.

Images can be resized using one finger and animations are simple to add to objects, text or a whole slide.

Rating: 4/6

Citrix Receiver (Free)

Citrix is a cloud workplace application that allows access to Windows applications running in a virtual desktop or using Citrix's server-hosted XenApp service.

The application makes the most of the iPad's touch screen with large icons making it easy for you to open applications and documents.

A drop-down list in the top left of the display allows you to access application folders, meaning you can organise your applications into different categories.

There's also a highly efficient search tool that allows you to find any application on your desktop or in the cloud.

Rating: 4/6

MobileIron Sentry (Free)

Although BlackBerry offers a full management tool for enterprise customers where you can wipe devices, block services and track handsets, other platforms don't offer such advanced tools.

MobileIron Sentry is an application on the iPad that allows you to do all this remotely.

The app helps manage Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and Symbian devices in a company, allowing an IT manager to monitor employees' devices, block, register or wipe handsets quickly and track mobile phone usage on any device that is connected to your company's ActiveSync email service.

The UI is simple to use, with an easy to understand interface. You can quickly view all of the devices on the system and view more in depth information just by tapping on a registered device.

Rating: 4/6

PDF Reader Pro Edition (2.39)

PDF Reader Pro Edition allows you to download and view PDF files on your iPad.

You can either download files directly from a URL or transfer them from a computer on the same network by inputting your IP address.

PDF Reader Pro Edition also gives you some limited editing functions including cut, copy, paste and delete.

It's fast to download PDFs, although this of course is down to your internet speeds and you can send any PDFs via email, straight from the application.

Although PDF Reader Pro is pretty basic, it does the job well and with more advanced updates coming soon, it's worth paying the relatively low price of 2.39.

Rating: 4/6


Although the iPad may not be the most useful invention in the world, it’s the apps that make it, as was the case with the iPhone. Business apps, whether document editing, remote desktop, agenda tools or file management software all come out trumps over the iPhone’s, thanks to its much larger screen. All we need now is for more UK developers to get their hands on the iPad and start creating more to suit business users' needs.

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

Clare is the founder of Blue Cactus Digital, a digital marketing company that helps ethical and sustainability-focused businesses grow their customer base.

Prior to becoming a marketer, Clare was a journalist, working at a range of mobile device-focused outlets including Know Your Mobile before moving into freelance life.

As a freelance writer, she drew on her expertise in mobility to write features and guides for ITPro, as well as regularly writing news stories on a wide range of topics.