O2 unveils Apple iPad data plans

Mobile data plan

O2 has unveiled details of how much it will cost UK iPad fans to make use of their data-hungry new tablets, by releasing Wi-Fi and 3G data plans.

The mobile giant claims the new tariffs, which follow on from Orange's announcement last week, are free from the lengthy contracts typically associated with today's phones and include Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity - from BT and the Cloud - for free as part of each broadband package.

On a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis, for 2 a day users will be able to roam and email to their hearts' content, provided they're happy with a cap of 500MB. If you're more committed to your data relationship, you can opt for 1GB and 3GB for 10 and 15 respectively if you sign up to a recurring 30-day 'contract'.

The lower end limit is enough to surf 5,000 web pages, while the upper limits should enable users to enjoy between 10,000 and 30,000 web pages, according to O2.

Users will also be able to monitor just how much data they're consuming right from their iPad device, as well as upgrading or canceling their plans, according to the company. And they'll be pinged when they near their limit to avoid any nasty surprises.

"We are truly excited to provide service for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G," said Sally Cowdry, O2's marketing director, in a statement.

"We've worked closely with Apple to make sure customers get an excellent experience when using their iPad Wi-Fi + 3G on O2. Not only will it be quick and easy to buy value for money data access from the device, but customers will also benefit from our overall, award-winning service wrap which includes great network and great customer service and the added benefit of access to thousands of public Wi-Fi hotspots."

The microSIMs required to take advantage of data on the iPad aren't yet available on the O2 network, but the mobile operator has said it expects them to arrive soon.

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