Citrix: Digital generation to force IT laggards to catch up

XenClient is expected to become commercially available with the next release of the Citrix XenDesktop platform later this year. Citrix XenDesktop is used in a company's data centre to deliver virtual desktops.

The first PC manufacturers to offer XenClient will be Dell and HP, said Templeton. There are Toshiba and Lenovo laptops that could use the technology but they have not been fully tested yet, he added.

With Dell and HP on board, the enterprise market will be largely addressed, according to Templeton.

Other announcements

Citrix also announced a deal with McAfee to make it easier, faster and safer to deliver desktop virtualisation through XenDesktop, XenServer and other rival platforms.

In addition, it unveiled a plug-in desktop virtualisation box developed with Wyse to quicken virtualisation set-ups on PCs and Citrix Safe Zone technology that automatically encrypts and protects data accessed by remote workers and contractors.