The iPhone 4G: What to expect

Another interesting feature of the iPhone 4G prototype discovered by Gizmodo was that the battery, after the device had been dissected, only took up about 50 per cent of the device, which is tiny compared to practically all other handsets on the market. Now, whether this will mean it is lighter and more powerful is anyone's guess, but a longer battery life is certainly a big demand from pretty much any current iPhone user you care to survey.

As we said, the new iPhone 4G - like the iPad -will feature multi-tasking and this will make applications on the iPhone a much bigger presence on the device, especially since developers will now be able to design applications that remain open, pull information and keep their users up-to-date with what's going on in the world around them at all times.

Security, particularly in the business world, is of paramount importance. And during the last 18 months, the iPhone has gone on to surpass BlackBerry as the number one choice for enterprises. But will this trend continue with the new iPhone 4G?

"With the increased security coming with Apple's iPhone OS 4.0 we will see the iPhone's position strengthen in the business sector," added Milanesi.

She added: "For this reason, it's not surprising that the number of corporations considering the iPhone as its device of choice is growing."

Obviously, before an official announcement is made it's difficult to speculate what, if any, of the aforementioned features will be part of the new iPhone 4G. That said, after two prototypes surfacing another was discovered in Asia it is fairly safe to assume that all a lot of the key features users are craving will be catered for.