The iPhone 4G: What to expect

Flash(1) The likelihood of iPhone 4G featuring support for Adobe Flash is about the same as Steve Jobs leaving Apple and becoming a free living adherent of communal living and open source software. PC World

HD screen(6) It is almost certain that the iPhone 4G will have an HD display. There is evidence for it the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK and there's also the fact that the device could very well be known as the iPhone HD once it's officially announced next week although, we prefer the title, iPhone 4G.Techradar

Micro SD slot(3) This would be an amazing feature to have on the new iPhone 4G. Apple consumers en masse have been lusting over it since last year and if Apple has done its homework, expect to see one in the new iPhone 4G. That said, Apple isn't known for buckling under consumer pressure, so it might just ignore the demands of its customers and throw in a few extra GB.

Removable battery(3) While this would be a decent feature, we're not sure whether it would rank high on Apple's list of priorities whilst at the drawing board. So for this reason, we don't think the new iPhone 4G will feature a removable battery although, there is always a chance. And we can live in hope. Technobuzz

5 megapixel camera(6) We're absolutely positive the iPhone will have one of these anything less and consumers would really kick up a stink, especially after getting by on 3.15-megapixel for so long.Geeky Gadgets