The iPhone 4G: What to expect



Front-facing camera(6) Both prototypes of the iPhone 4G featured a front-facing camera, which means video calling. Granted, Apple is late to the party with this one, but at least it decided to turn up. Cult of Mac

Improved battery(4) According to Gizmodo the new iPhone battery is significantly smaller. But whether this translates into improved efficiency and a longer battery life will have to wait until testing. Gizmodo

64 GB onboard storage(5) If Micro SD cards are out, this option has to be in plus, it's the next natural step from 32GB, which is currently the highest storage spec Apple offers. UK Press Releases

HD Video recording(6) We're 90 per cent sure the new iPhone 4G will feature HD or 720p recording capabilities. The device is even called the iPhone HD in some circles. Plus there's also lots of evidence to support the assertion in the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK kit. Techradar

Fingerprint security(3) Sure, it'd be nice and we know, some laptops feature it but we just can't see why Apple would include such a feature. Granted, there is a patent for the technology, but it could be years before that sees the light of day and, when that day finally arrives, we could be on iPhone 10G. So don't be disappointed if this one's missing.