Tablet limitations to freeze business adoption?


It seems like every company - with the capability - is leaping on the tablet train right now, but Intel's chief executive (CEO) has warned their products won't have the power for business use.

During a question and answer session with journalists, Paul Otellini, CEO on Intel, claimed the future was bright for tablets in the consumer space, but even his precious processors couldn't make them suitable for the corporate world.

"I see the form factor of tablets a) evolving and b) being added to the overall spectrum of computing," he said. "It is perfect as a content consumption device [for consumers]."

"[However] with its current limitations, I think that it is likely to stay that way."

Otellini's first issue was I/O restrictions but he added: "To some extent, processor limitations [as well]. For example, what that form factor requires [is] an all day battery life. You would have to scale down the processing, at least in the current generation."

He did conclude that it was "possible" to bring tablets into a business environment but claimed the key was to work on interoperability issues, something Intel is already addressing with Microsoft.

But it seems, for now, the laptop and netbook manufacturers of this world can take solace in their corporate contracts.