Microsoft quietly pushes out MSE update


A Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) update has been released without any accompanying blog post or press release.

Updates normally come with some kind of blurb but Microsoft has decided to push out an update without any fanfare.

This may seem strange given some decent features have been added to the software, which can be downloaded for free by Windows users operating on XP SP2 and higher, Vista and Windows 7.

MSE 2.0 comes with improved malware detection and behaviour monitoring, which should help protect against zero-day threats, according to the Redmond giant.

Integration of Windows Firewall means users can manage the firewall within MSE.

MSE 2.0 has not been included in the software's own upgrade mechanism, so Windows users who want to download the new version can do so from Microsoft's site here.

Microsoft was recently criticised by security rivals Trend Micro and Panda Security after both took umbrage with the firm's decision to include MSE in Windows Update.

Panda said consumers should be able to choose between all the various anti-virus options available to them when updates occur.

The firm warned homogenising the anti-virus market would only benefit hackers, as they would just need to crack one form of security rather than many.

Tom Brewster

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