Head to Head: Intel AppUp vs Apple Mac App Store

App selection, pricing and payment

Intel AppUp

It's tricky to judge how many apps there are in AppUp since some apps appear under multiple categories. Some estimates put the number of apps at about 2,000. There appear to be plentiful numbers of apps in each of the 22 app categories, but most appear to be from lesser-known companies. We could only find a handful of apps from household names such as Corel, Google and Intel itself.

Intel does approve apps before they appear in AppUp. It will reject, for example, pornographic apps or those that acquire and use customer information without explicit consent. A full list of Intel's rules can be found online.

As expected there are a lot of free apps and apps that cost less than 1. Despite extensive searching we could only find a handful of apps that cost more than 10, with one reaching 40.

Free apps can be downloaded without having to submit any payment information. Paid-for apps can be purchased using American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit cards. It appears that debit cards aren't accepted, although we're awaiting clarification from Intel. Alternative payment systems such a PayPal definitely aren't supported. Usefully, apps can be 'returned' within 24 hours for a full refund, although from a developer's point of view this amenity could be open to abuse.