BT unveils 156 extra superfast locations


BT has announced a further 156 locations set to benefit from superfast broadband, bringing services to another 1.5 million consumer and business premises.

Most of the new exchanges will be up and running this year, although some will not be fibre broadband-enabled until the end of 2012.

Included in the additional locations are the 10 exchange areas which won BT Retail's recent Race to Infinity competition, during which people were invited to vote for their community.

Rural areas such as Caxton in Cambridgeshire and Marton, Warwickshire will soon be able to access next-generation services.

"We'll continue to work closely with industry and local and devolved authorities around the country in deciding where to deploy the technology next," said David Campbell, managing director of next generation access for Openreach.

Around four million premises can now order a fibre-based broadband service from their chosen supplier thanks to the BT rollout.

The news may do something to either temper or fuel the war of words between various ISPs and BT.

A group of providers, including Virgin Media and TalkTalk, sent a letter to the UK Government to complain about how much BT is asking them to pay for access to next-gen poles and ducts.

BT hit back, saying its prices for duct access compared "very well with European averages," whilst claiming its plans for pole access have been held up due to other ISPs delaying trials.

Tom Brewster

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