VMware acquires SlideRocket


Cloud and virtualisation leader VMware has acquired SlideRocket, a business presentation provider, under undisclosed terms.

Founded in 2007, SlideRocket produces presentation software with original features, such as audio and instant feedback. An estimated 20,000 customers and 300,000 users employ SlideRocket to build their presentations. On top of that, the company is responsible for sales and measurement analytics tools.

Brian Byun, vice president and general manager at VMware, said he saw the acquisition as one more step in VMware's vision for a modern end-user computing model.

"VMware is at the forefront of building the core cloud computing infrastructure and enables users to gain ever greater value from cloud-based solutions," he said.

Byun also praised SlideRocket's cloud-based architecture and its innovative design, which he said had "transformed a decades-old business productivity software and redefined the way we consume and communicate information."

Presentation software is second only to email as the most widely used business software. VMware is now hoping to use SlideRocket's infrastructure in the field to develop its cloud-computing system for businesses.