IT Pro Start-Up Tour: Zscaler

Zscaler is currently grinning like a Cheshire cat that's just won a lifetime supply of cream.

The whole package sounds attractive, doesn't it? It did to the NHS, which has signed a deal to use Zscaler services. Even other security companies are using Zscaler technology and flogging it to customers Panda Security being one notable channel partner.

With a huge public sector organisation and a competitor using its products, Zscaler is currently grinning like a Cheshire cat that's just won a lifetime supply of cream.

As for downsides, threats brought in from outside the network will still be a problem for Zscaler customers. What if some numpty shoved an infected USB stick into their work computer? As it would initially be an offline infection, one would think Zscaler couldn't do much about it.

That still doesn't stop the company's product from potentially being a real game changer.

Future gazing

Where does a company already considered to be at the forefront of innovation go?

Zscaler is simply planning to build additional data centres and take its ideas to more companies. It doesn't really need to do much else just yet.

"We're scanning every byte of every page, every time," explained Manoj Apte, the bushy tailed vice president of product marketing.

"We have to have an architecture which can scale to this. There are 1.5 billion transactions going through our data centres a day."

Once it gains even more traction than it already has, it might want to go for an IPO. But why submit to shareholders when things are going so swimmingly already?


For many companies, Zscaler's cloud vision will be ideal for their security needs. It's cheap, it's light and it provides plenty of protection.

If Zscaler could significantly improve itself in any area, it would be in presentation. You'd really hope the slightly haphazard proposal given to IT Pro isn't the same as the one presented to customers.

Businesses might not care about the company's proposal if they can't give it a glossy sheen.

But should they think about outsourcing IT security? It might be time, as Jean-Luc Picard used to say, to make it so.

Tom Brewster

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