BT announces fibre for one million more premises


Just days after BT was lambasted for its alleged control over the fibre industry, Openreach has announced access for over one million more businesses and homes.

Another 114 exchange locations were announced today for other providers to use and supply fibre connections from. They should be up and running by Autumn next year.

Local monopolies benefit no-one and no public funds should go to supporting them.

Over the weekend, TalkTalk claimed BT was trying to assert a monopoly on the fibre industry, having previously suggested its rival was charging too much for infrastructure.

TalkTalk's group commercial director David Goldie told the Observer he thought BT was using up public funds to gain control over the industry.

BT has been particularly bullish in arguing it is committing substantial funding to fibre in the UK and is opening up its infrastructure something others are not.

Today, it again took the opportunity to promote its fibre efforts and state it was not attempting to monopolise the industry.

"No other company is doing as much as Openreach to bring super-fast broadband to the UK," said Mike Galvin, Openreach managing director for next generation access.

"There is no substitute for experience when it comes to fibre deployment and we have more experience than anyone. We are also committed to offering open and equivalent access so that customers can benefit from a competitive market. Local monopolies benefit no-one and no public funds should go to supporting them."

Openreach has committed to providing two-thirds of the UK with fibre by 2015. It wants the support of the public sector to expand its rollout.

Tom Brewster

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