BT claims uSwitch broadband street data is old


BT has claimed a uSwitch report outlining the 50 slowest broadband streets in the UK was based on false data.

uSwitch released its report yesterday, claiming Mount Pleasant in the Suffolk town of Halesworth had the slowest broadband of any street in the country.

It's important to note that the data comes from speed tests carried out by consumers themselves...

BT said its data indicated Mount Pleasant had speeds of 7.5Mbps, not the 0.128Mbps average stated in the uSwitch report. The telecoms giant claimed Mount Pleasant was so close to the exchange it was unlikely it was getting such slow speeds.

"It appears that the data in this survey is out of date. Fibre broadband is now available for a number of the streets identified," a BT spokesperson said.

"Street number 38 has access to fibre broadband and so is enjoying some of the fastest speeds in the UK."

BT said the second street on the list, Forestfield in the West Sussex town of Horsham, did not have the slow speeds claimed by uSwitch either, due to the fact it is fibre connected as well.

BT said seven of the 50 streets listed by uSwitch had fibre access.

"We wouldn't disagree with uSwitch that there are a number of slow spots in the UK, and that needs addressing, but it would seem they haven't managed to identify them correctly here," the spokesperson added.

uSwitch has responded to BT's comments, saying its data was based on speed tests carried out in the last six months by the consumers themselves.

"It's important to note that the data comes from speed tests carried out by consumers themselves - we are not saying that all residents have done a speed test, but just that we have averaged out speed based on our data," said Katherine Cooper, PR executive for uSwitch.

"In order to ensure a fair representation for speeds, a minimum of 10 tests had to be submitted for each postcode in order for it to qualify for our research."

As for superfast connections, whilst Cooper welcomed BT's and others' efforts at spreading fibre, she noted the services may not be used by all residents.

"Again, I can just reiterate that the data is from actual speed tests, carried out by consumers - many of would be testing their speed because they were fed up with it," Cooper told IT Pro.

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