HTC Titan review

The massive HTC Titan is well-named, but does this new Windows Phone 7.5 handset tower above the competition or is it already a dinosaur? Julian Prokaza gets to grips with the behemoth to find out.

our in-depth review of this update to Microsoft's smartphone operating system rather than run through it here.

The HTC Titan

The HTC Titan's big screen also sits a little uncomfortably with Windows Phone 7.

It may look a little peculiar when held to the ear, but the Titan is still a phone and call quality is clear enough. HTC also makes clever use of various built-in sensors to provide a few useful functions, such as the option to activate speakerphone mode by placing the Titan face down on a desk during a call, and to reduce the incoming call alert if it's picked up when an incoming call is received. Flipping the phone face-down when it's ringing will also silence an incoming call alert, but it has no effect at other times an improvement over the HTC Sensation's similar, but less predictable option that silenced all alerts, at all times, when placed face down.